The Bay Film Series


The Bay Film Series

2016 / 2017


The Best in World Cinema!

Stories of... love, integrity, freedom and humanity...told with passion in the art of film.

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Non-Subscribers are welcome to attend.

Tickets at the door - $9.00

General Information....

Here's how it works:

  • 8 Films - One film per month - September thru April
  • Subscribe to the whole series and get a bargain price!
  • New this year! You will receive a convenient Subscriber Punch Card - no more keeping track of tickets all year!
  • A Subscriber Card is good for 8 films (or 8 punches).  If you miss a film, you can use 2 punches another month (but limited to 2 in a month).
  • Your Subscriber Card can be used at any Bay Film Series show times - no need to specify which day you want - just come to the one that is most convenient each month.
  • Non-Subscribers are welcome. Admission $9.00 @ the door. No discount.
  • No Refunds for subscription purchases.
  • The movie schedule is set, but occasionally subject to change.
  • If you received a brochure in the mail last year - good'll get one this year too!
  • If you'd like to be added to our mailing list, contact us at

Showtimes for all titles are:

Sunday - 2:00 & 5:00 pm / Monday - 6:00 pm / Tuesday - 6:00 pm


The New Season of Films to be announced soon!